Meeting Minutes: October 15, 2015


John Graeb, (Chair), Mary Hayes (Secretary), Dorothy Derksen, Dale Watts, Bob Vinet, Guy Dugas, John Reimers, Sandy Stayner, Leslie Walsh, Deanna Muller, Barbara McCandless, Linda Robeson , Gina Fidel, John Fletcher, Ed Zuke, Kevin Longfield, Don Carlson, Glenn Baldwin, Jack Kaplan, Bob Barr, Lynne Graeb, Sherry Ripak, Allison Cowell, Karen Wall, Rose- Marie Floch, Lucien Lussier, Jerry Johnstone, Ralph Caldwell, Arnold Kolaski, Aaron Koodoo, Lloyd Simonson, Bill Sutherland, Robert, Friesen, Gail Shimonek, Rose Marie Hess, Lorie Siebrand, Valdi Hohnson, Pat Daly, Elena Grinshteyn.

Meeting attendees enjoyed coffee and socializing at 9:30.

Guest Speaker was retired Senator Terry Stratton, former RRC Instructor, who gave an interesting presentation on “Inside the Red Chamber: Canada’s Senate.”


Chair called the meeting to order at 11:20 p.m. after the speaker and a coffee break.

ADOPTION OF AGENDA (Karen Wall, Jack Kaplan)


September minutes were approved (Allison lCowell, Leslie Walsh).


Financial Report

Elena reported that the Endowment Fund is doing well . There has been $2500 raised to date. It was noted that donations rather than membership fees are proving to be better.

Social Committee (Gail Shimonek)

Gail Reported that 22 out of 54 tickets have been sold for theThe Heritage Group Dinner & Dance , which will be held at Patterson Global Foods in the Annex on

November 19. The Committee is busy getting door prizes. (See Blog for more detail.) Contact Elena Grinshteyn for tickets, preferably before she leaves on the first week of November.

Janice Lowery will look after Heritage Group business during Elena’s absence.

Gail thanked Elena for all her help.

A St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon is being planned for March 17 at Paterson Global Foods.

An outing to the Zoo and Lunch (at the Zoo) is being planned for Thur sday, May 12.

HG Blog

Guy Dugas asks that members send him articles for the newsletter. As well, he would like to receive memorials of RRC staff.


Meeting Schedule: Since a luncheon is planned for March 17, the April 21 meeting will feature Ray Hoemsen (research development at the College—an overview of the innovations in various branches of technology or possibly a presentation by CAA regarding group travel.

Elena will cancel mailings of the newsletter when she receives the email addresses of members.

There was a brief discussion on free courses at the College for retirees if space is available.

ADJOURNMENT (Leslie Walsh)


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