A Circle of Life

If you were at Red River Community College in the mid-1980s, you will likely remember our former president, Dr. Gary Polonsky. The August 10 to September 9 online edition of Senior Scope features a fascinating Polonsky family history (go to

Born in Port Arthur during WW2, Gary was a natural athlete who, at one point, was even invited to try out for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The Polonsky’s – A Circle of Life (starting on page 4) traces his evolution from medical student at the University of Manitoba, to Chair of Math and Science at Confederation College in Port Arthur, to VP of Program Development at Lakeland College in Lloydminster, to President of RRCC and beyond.

It’s an interesting read chronicling the Polonsky family’s trials, perseverance and successes, from a 1921 escape from Cossacks in the Ukraine during the Russian Civil War, to Gary’s present day passion and love for family.

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  1. So very pleased to see an articlr about Gary P’s background. He was such a popular President who also knew so many of his staff personally, Myself included I am pleased to say. We don’t often get to know our CEOs as well. Such excellent writing too. Thanks for circulating it.

  2. Wow, what an amazing article on Gary Polonsky and his family. I am from Port Arthur as well. When Gary first came to the College, unbeknownst to me, my Uncle’s sister (Marg) who had worked at Confederation College with Gary, told him that I worked at RRC. I got a note from him to come see him. Luckily he told me that we had a mutual friend otherwise, I would have thought I was in trouble being summoned to the President’s office. Another time I got a note from Gary. My husband had a brain tumor and was gravely ill. Somehow Gary found out about that and said he was so sorry to hear about Mike. I have never forgotten that. He was truly a compassionate, caring person. I was very sad when he left RRC.

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