A Heritage Group Gathering… AT LAST!

For the first time in almost two years, members of our Heritage Group gathered for a social outing on November 18th.  Though COVID kept the  group isolated from each other for what seemed like an interminable length of time, the gathering on the 18th was a huge success.  

The group’s usual holiday event has been at Assiniboia Downs for the last couple of years, but the buffet we were used to having there was, of course, not a wise COVID option.  Further, with no means of collecting money to pay a group bill, the Social Committee was obliged to find a different option for 2021.   

That choice was Maxime’s Restaurant and, based on all the comments received, the choice was a good one.  The restaurant offered us a menu selection of seven different entrees, individual billing and a private space to enjoy each others’ company uninterrupted.  

Being unsure of whether members were actually ready to gather, the restaurant was given a conservative number of expected attendees… 20 to 25 people.  As the RSVPs started coming in, it became clear that Heritage Group members were more than ready to gather and celebrate again.  When the final tally was made, 38 members of the Heritage Group came to the luncheon.   In fact, the restaurant had to move us to a larger private room! 

To say people were happy to see one another would be an understatement.  The chatter was loud, jovial, boisterous and non-stop. In fact Leslie, our group chair, had to ring her jingle bells very vigorously to get people’s attention when announcements had to be made!

Because it was our first get together in such a long time, everyone was given a small door prize upon leaving the event.  As well, we held a draw for four very generous door prize donations. Red River College gave us a gift certificate to Jane’s Restaurant, the RRC Alumni Association gave us a gift certificate to “Oh Doughnuts” and our own John Reimers, chef extraordinaire, donated two copies of his latest cookbook.  All the donated door prizes were very gratefully received by the draw winners. 

Suffice to say the event was a huge success.  The fact that most people lingered to visit and chat long after the meal was over was a testament to how successful it was.  Let’s hope this is a sign (COVID-willing) of the beginning of the rejuvenation of our wonderful Heritage Group. 

Happy Holidays to everyone. 

Karen Wall on behalf of the Social Committee

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