A RACEr’s Life is Good

Every six months or so for about the last five years, a group of retirees (R) from the Accounting and Computer Education (ACE) department have been connecting over the lunch buffet at Aaltos Garden Cafe on McPhillips.

Photo of ACE Retirees (left to right): Jean-Rene, Jurgen, Doug, Keith, Valdi, John, Guy, Louis

(left to right) Jean-René Nicolet, Jurgen Schmidt, Doug Bake, Keith Dryburgh, Valdi Johnson, John Fletcher, Guy Dugas, Louis Rodkin

Though all are thoroughly enjoying retirement, only Doug, Keith, Valdi, John, and Louis have really put their feet up. Jean-RenĂ© has continued to do some ICT consulting since retiring last year. Jurgen, busier than ever as the Returning Officer for Elmwood-Transcona, gave us an insider’s glimpse of the electoral process and our federal tax dollars at work. Guy Dugas, who is still working at the College on a contract basis, shared all the latest about what’s happening on campus. And though an ever-increasing variety of aches, pains, and minor annoyances did creep into the conversation, for the most part, talk of tennis, golf, badminton, family, and cottage life reminded us that life is good.

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  1. I am delighted to view the photo. It brings back memories of many satisfying years at the College.with colleagues who performed their duties with excellence and passion. We were indeed privileged to have had a part in educating and developig the lives of young people.
    And, yes, it is time for another luncheon.

  2. Graduated from RRCC Computer Analyst/Programmer in the class of ’83. Had 5 of these fine gentlemen as instructors. What a great experience. I consider myself fortunate to have had that opportunity. Thank you guys.
    Best wishes for continued enjoyment in your retirement!!

  3. I am delighted to see this bunch of old hackers still chomping at the bit

    What a great career we all had helping build The College so that, today, it is one of the top post-second institutions in Manitoba and all of Canada. Keep well guys.
    Tom Mohammed

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