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The Heritage Group’s purpose is to provide a forum that is of mutual benefit to RRC POLYTECH and its retirees. The group advocates for RRC retirees and organizes monthly events and social activities as well as a “field trip” and lunch each spring as an annual wind-up.
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Our constitution is posted at

The group produces a newsletter three times per year. It also maintains this blog, posting information about College events, retirements, Heritage Group activities, as well the passing of current and former employees.

Co-Chairs: Liz Omeniuk & Nancy Wheatley
Past Chair: Leslie WalshLeslie Walsh (temporary)
Social Committee Chair: Karen Wall
Blog/Newsletter Editor: Guy Dugas

Founding Members

  • Bob Barr and Ken Campbell (Technology Math/Physics)
  • Dan Demedash and Harry Reese (Civil  Technology)
  • Eugene Gladys (Electrical Construction)
  • Horace Hackett  (Communications – Industrial, Technology)
  • Don Kennedy (Applied Arts)

RRC Polytech Heritage Group Liaison: Michael Joyal, mjoyal826@RRC.CA204-632-3031

Responsibility for articles rests upon the authors, not RRC Polytech, and this Website does not present official positions of RRC Polytech. Submitted letters and articles may be edited for content and/or length before posting.

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