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Bob Barr

1955‑­­­1957: Metallurgical Tech. with Orenda Engines (AVRO Arrow);
1957‑1962: Radio/Navigator RCAF 404 Anti-Submarine Squadron;
1963‑1964: Data Maintenance Control - Mid Canada Line;
1967‑1998: Math/physics instructor, Industrial & Technology - RRCC

I remember (part 2)

A Pay Phone and a Finger  In 1954 Toronto, I was a sixteen year old beginning Grade XIII, way too  young and socially younger. Nevertheless I did graduate the following June and  began earning my way as an assistant shipper in a sound equipment warehouse.  Frequently we unloaded […]

I Remember (part 1)

Salt Encrusted Windscreen You know, it’s hard to write interesting and current stories when you are closer to 90 than to 80. My wife Beverley and I are, as we like to say, “managing” when asked “how are you?” My name is Bob Barr and I spent 31 […]

The Tunnel

I was only 13, born in Mimico at the tail end of The Depression and the beginning of World War II. Mimico was a village along the shores of Lake Ontario near Toronto, the setting for CBC’s hit series Murdock Mysteries. In that time and place, kids made […]

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Putting Ivy on the Walls

Back in 1996 Dan Demedash and I were thinking ahead to retirement. The College had no associated appendage for retirees. Through acquaintances, we knew of the U of M faculty lounge, whose membership included retired professors and boasted a wonderful common room, a bar and a dining room. […]