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Buster Laroux

HG investigative journalist and senior reporter since 2013. Internationally ignored author and winner of numberless literary awards, Buster has been working out of a Vancouver closet since 2016.

How does it feel?

People have been asking (since our editor posted Like in Rolly Stone), whether Mick Jagger really named the greatest rock band of all time after Dave Williamson’s 1959-60 cartoon character from The Manitoban. In the words of Mark Twain, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” And the backstory to […]

RRC vaccinations spark international incident

Promotion of a COVID-19 vaccine site at one of RRC’s regional campuses has unexpectedly “gone viral”. Now the college is scrambling to mitigate a raging row between Manitoba’s smallest campus and America’s third most populous state, Florida. The source of the outbreak? A seemingly innocent report from RRC’s […]

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