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Dale Watts

Instructor, Technical Communications (1971-77, 1984-90); Educational Development Officer (1977-81); Industrial Training Consultant (1981-84); Program Coordinator (1990-93); Dean, Trades and Technology (1994-2012); Interim VP Academic and Research (2012-13); Chair, Heritage Group (2014-15)

Seven Days in Cyprus

I served a total of 27 years in the Canadian Army Reserve (Militia), including the Royal Canadian Artillery, Military Intelligence (yes, I know…it’s an oxymoron), and the Royal Canadian Logistics Service. The latter also included nine years as an Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel (Lt.-Col.)/Honorary Colonel (Col.). I trained at several […]

Fun and Frivolity at the Fringe Festival

In theatre, there’s an expression “chewing up the scenery” which basically refers to an actor’s propensity to act melodramatically, to ham it up so much you think s/he is going to take bites out of the scenery. In other words, to overact. At the Winnipeg Fringe Festival that […]

Thank You for Your Service

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. For many of us, Remembrance Day each year is the opportunity to honour and to remember a member or members of our family who may have served in the First or Second World War, […]

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