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Gail Shimonek

A member of the Heritage Group since 2014, Gail had been Chair of RRC's Applied Commerce and Management Education department for 9 years in Winnipeg. Prior to that, she served as Regional Manager for RRC's Regional Centre in Winkler for 17 years. Gail presently lives in Altona, Manitoba, and continues to be involved and remain busy. She is the Altona designate board member on South Central Cancer Resource, serves on the executive for the RRC Heritage Group, is an active member of Friendship Force Manitoba, and belongs to several Winnipeg book clubs.

Kayaking with the Belugas

At 6 am on Wednesday, August 19th, I picked up my girlfriend Lilian and off we drove to Thompson. Then, the 15-hour train ride to Churchill.  Our bucket list included “Kayaking with the Belugas”—a tour that had been prebooked for Friday the 21st. But with the weather less […]