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Bob Baergen

John Robert (Bob) Baergen, 86, died on Saturday, February 6, following complications from diabetes. A former member and Chair of RRCC’s College Council, Bob taught in the Industrial Maths Department. (link to Winnipeg Free Press obituary)

La même chose

Everyone seems to be getting in on the act. That now famous meme of Bernie Sanders has even been co-opted by our own PM to warn Canadians to stay home during the pandemic. The viral photo of the Vermont senator by AFP photographer Brendan Smialowski at Biden’s inauguration […]

January newsletter is now Available

In this issue Happy New Year! Greetings from HG Chair, Leslie Walsh Please God, let me live again. Guy Dugas questions “Christmas Present” MUSEUM VOLUNTEERING: A Retirement Strategy Dale Watts offers an insider’s perspective A better tomorrow Guy Dugas looks beyond separation and grief Thank You for Your […]

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