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Guy Dugas

Instructor (1996-2007) and Chair of Accounting and Computer Education (2007-2013) in the School of Business and Fine Arts. HG member and blog admin/editor since 2013.

Defy Trump poster

America Last

Here we go again,  Trump bashing our softwood and dairy industries. What is a polite Canadian retiree to do? Well, Don Pittis may be onto something in his article, ‘America Last’: A dangerous reaction to Trump’s trade bullying. Pittis underlines that we have enormous power as consumers. Echoing Patricia Cormack, co-author of the book […]

Wendy Schettler photo

Wendy Schettler: Alzheimer’s Disease

We All Have a Reason to Care Heritage Group meeting of February 18, 2016 by Guy Dugas The Heritage Group was pleased to welcome Wendy Schettler, Chief Executive Officer of the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba. Her presentation helped illuminate an otherwise dark topic for any retiree, dementia. It’s a spectre whose visit […]

Terry Stratton: A Beautiful Place

Heritage Group Meeting of October 15, 2015 The Heritage Group came away from its regular October gathering with a new appreciation for a once venerable institution that more recently has been much disparaged, the Canadian Senate. Our guest, the Hon. Terry Stratton, retired from this “beautiful place” in 2013. And […]

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