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Guy Dugas

Instructor (1996-2007) and Chair of Accounting and Computer Education (2007-2013) in the School of Business and Fine Arts. HG member and blog admin/editor since 2013.

Year of the Dog

She wasn’t the first. That “dog” and “crazed, crying lowlife”, former Trump political aide Omarosa Manigault Newman was only the latest. Trump has variously tweeted that, among others, Arianna Huff, Mac Miller, Laura Goldman, David Axelrod, and David Axelrod were all dogs. Kristen Stewart cheated like a dog, […]

Photo of the Gales in New York's Central Park, 2016

So, where’s Michael Gale?

I was recently reading (with great interest, I might add) some old HG newsletters compiled by our previous editor, Michael Gale. It prompted me to contact him and find out what he was up to these days. He’s certainly not bored. Yes, he still reads our blog and […]

The Beginning of the Long Dash

Last leg of a relay? Mad sprint to the toilet before my bladder bursts? No, the CBC’s famous “long dash following ten seconds of silence” has lately become a kind of earworm for me. Like Disney’s Captain Hook, I feel hounded by my own Tick-Tock reminder that my time is short. Post-retirement […]

Terry Stratton: A Beautiful Place

Heritage Group Meeting of October 15, 2015 The Heritage Group came away from its regular October gathering with a new appreciation for a once venerable institution that more recently has been much disparaged, the Canadian Senate. Our guest, the Hon. Terry Stratton, retired from this “beautiful place” in 2013. And […]

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