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Leslie Walsh

(RN, BScN, MEd) Worked in Nursing Department in various positions from 1980 to 2014, including Education Coordinator for Student Recruitment and Advisement. HG member since 2014 & HG Chair since 2016.

Photo of Gimili Glider (by Ted McGrath).

Barbara Gluck: The Gimli Glider

Heritage Group meeting of April 18, 2019. After Barbara Gluck retired and moved to Sandy Hook in 2004, she joined the respected Gimli Art Club. As the Chairperson overseeing the Gimli Seawall Gallery, she noticed that many visitors asked where they might find the ‘Gimli Glider’ Museum, only to […]

What we're doing is working image

Riva Harrison: RRC Update

Heritage Group meeting of March 21, 2019. Riva Harrison, proud Winnipegger and RRC alumnus, only joined our staff 2½ years ago. But her RRC roots go back to her childhood. Some of us remember her dad, Gerry Harrison, a former instructor in RRCC’s Civil Technology. After graduating from CreComm, […]

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