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Leslie Walsh

(RN, BScN, MEd) Worked in Nursing Department in various positions from 1980 to 2014, including Education Coordinator for Student Recruitment and Advisement. HG member since 2014 & HG Chair since 2016.

Photo of Ray Leowen addressing the Heritage Group

Ray Loewen: Build a Village

Heritage Group meeting of February 15, 2018. Ray is a lifelong resident of Manitoba. He and his wife Linda adore spending time with their three married children and nine grandchildren, aged two to eleven. They also enjoy travelling and spending time at the lake. Ray’s day job is […]

Photo of Arie Lavy

Arie Lavy: Awake at Night

Heritage Group meeting of April 20, 2017. Editor’s notes Israel had occupied the Sinai Peninsula since the Suez Crisis of 1953. By 1973, Egypt had deployed some 100,000 soldiers, over 1,000 tanks, and 2,000 guns, in preparation for an assault to retake the Suez Canal. Facing them were […]

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