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Heritage Grump

Sometimes cranky, always opinionated HG member who was forced to retire sometime in the College's Dark Ages. His motto: De uno, tantrum (out of one, much bellyaching).

Nursing a grudge (UPDATED)

Can this be true? Has the team calling itself C517 Group A really captured the team title in RRC’s 2021 Commuter Challenge? It was announced today that its members claim to have ridden an average of 555.6 km each during the seven-day event! Yeah, right…

Wrestling with pigs

I admit it. I am getting old. But am I the only one waxing nostalgic for a time when it was easier to ignore ignoramuses who thought they were the centre of the universe? I never thought I’d one day be clamouring for more unbalanced journalism.

Defy Trump poster

America Last

Here we go again,  Trump bashing our softwood and dairy industries. What is a polite Canadian retiree to do? Well, Don Pittis may be onto something in his article, ‘America Last’: A dangerous reaction to Trump’s trade bullying. Pittis underlines that we have enormous power as consumers. Echoing Patricia Cormack, co-author of the book […]