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Ron Blicq (1925-2021)

MIT/RRCC: 1967–1990 (Head Technical Communications Dept, 1972–1990); HG: 1995–present (Co-president 2007-2009); awarded RRC Honorary Diploma 1996; Nursing simulation program: 2010–2020.

A Pub Supper

In May of 2016 I dined at a popular yet essentially little known English inn. It was in the rural Gloucestershire countryside on the A433, roughly 6 miles from Tetbury and 3 miles from Cirencester, a small city renowned for its magnificent town church which, in a much […]

The Green Door

It was just a green-painted door set in a stretch of brick wall some 10 feet high. Ancient bricks, some a dull yellow, others a tannish-sort-of red, with small tufts of weed sprouting from the grout that held the bricks together. In the four years I cycled past […]

My First Computer

Not one to just sit on his hands and watch the world go by, our own Ron Blicq is currently editing a new book of his short stories: Short Stories and Tall Tales. It follows a 400-page memoir titled Oh, No, Not Now! which he published last year (available at McNally […]

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