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Will Miller

Will graduated from RRC's Electronics Technology program in 1972. He went on to work at Manitoba Telephone System, Saudi Telephone, College of the Bahamas and as an instructor in RRC's Electrical/Electronic Technology Department. He completed his career as Chair of EET, retiring in July 2007.

A Check off my “Bike-it” List

Since moving to Lake of the Woods after retiring in July 2007, I have contemplated a challenging bike ride around the entire lake. As I got older, I realized that the “window of opportunity” was getting smaller and that if I was to get this off my bucket list, it would need to be done sooner rather than later. More…

Travel to Mexico: Food

Once you have arrived in Mexico, whether after a 5-day driving trip or a 5-hour flight, you will want to know what you should (and perhaps, should not) eat. When thinking of food in Mexico, generally the first thing that people think of is tacos! While tacos are certainly one of the most common foods in Mexico, they are equivalent to us eating sandwiches – important, but hardly memorable! In this article, I hope to provide an appreciation of the culinary delights that await the adventurous visitor to Mexico.