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  1. Very sad to hear about Bob. I will never forget a trip that Bob, Don Kennedy and the head of HR at the time, Debbie (can’t remember her last name) took to The Pas. I think it was 1983. We were sent there to provide assistance/consultation to KCC on their College Council. We went there by train, had our meeting and then came back on an overnight train. We all had berths. We had soooo much fun. Hopefully we were helpful to KCC as well. Don and I have very fond memories of that trip.
    I bought a Kerrs Furs parka when I was there and still have it. Everytime I put it on, I think of that trip with a smile.
    Bob did teach in the Industrial Maths department. I will never forget the shirts that he wore. The shirt looked like part of a uniform with his name Bob and Math written on it.
    In later years long after he retired I would see him sitting at the bus stop at Lake Crest and Chancellor close to where I live. I think he must have lived in the apartments there. He had a cane when he walked. I wish now that I had stopped to talk to him.

  2. For years we began every morning in the far corner of the cafeteria for coffee, chats, and his daily crossword puzzles. May he Rest In Peace. 14-55

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