Brookside beckons

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As we approach Remembrance day and Winnipeg’s temperatures soar into the double digits, it is worth noting that just west of the Notre Dame campus sits one of the city’s oldest cemeteries. Brookside is the final resting place of people from all walks of life, including politicians, statesmen, athletes, and decorated war heroes. It is both a perpetual record of yesteryear and a sanctuary of peace and quiet.

Teardrop Section – This is the only site in Canada where so many Commonwealth veterans can be found interred together. The first military interment (D.G. Harris) to take place in Brookside happened in this section in 1915.

Field of Honour

At Brookside, all Veterans receive the same level of recognition—regardless of rank, race, religion or creed—while being commemorated individually.

Brookside Field of Honour is one of the largest and oldest Military interment sites in Canada. Considered Canada’s most significantly designed Military Field of Honour, Brookside has more than 10,000 Veterans, Service Men, Service Women, and War Heroes interred alongside each other, with all interments marked by the Military Grey Barrie granite upright monument, mounted in a beam.

The Brookside Field of Honour is home to the only Commonwealth War Graves Commission ‘Stone of Remembrance’ in Canada and many other important military monuments, including the Last Post Fund Columbaria, the first of its kind in Canada.


The cemetery grounds are open for visitation from sunrise to sunset.

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  1. Thanks for this Guy. I used to walk in Brookside every day for a while when I was on a health kick with a few other nurses from RRC. It is really an amazing cemetery. So much history and the military site always choked me up.

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