Canine & Feline Spay and Castration Program

dogRRC’s Animal Health Technology Program is accepting dogs and cats for surgical sterilization by its program veterinarians from January to April 2015.

The criteria for acceptance in the program is as follows:

  • Patients must be good tempered.
  • Patients must be between 6 months and 3 years of age.
  • Dogs between 4.0 kg (8lbs) and 25.0 (50lbs) will be accepted.
  • Patients must be fully vaccinated (proof of vaccination will be required)
  • A $50.00 fee must be paid and verified before a surgical date is scheduled.

Additional information may influence acceptance into the program. Owners needing further details or wishing to register are asked to call Annette or Doraine @ 204.632.2059.

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