Sports star of the week: Ray Newman

CTV was out at the Bell IcePlex on the 24th to interview and film former RRCC president Ray Newman and buddies during “The Dukes” regular Wednesday “Super Summer Hockey” skate. In the short video below, Ray is in the #7 Chicago jersey, his son Dwayne (a graduate of RRC Business, now retired) is in the #9 green Dukes jersey,

“The Dukes” teaser with #7, Ray Newman

The Dukes is a hockey team Ray coached some 40 years ago and the current group was formed in 2014. There are 20 skaters, 2 goalies and a cadre of seven spares They range in age from 50ish to Ray’s 89, but he is the only octogenarian.

Go Ray go!

The spot aired at 8 am on Tuesday, August 30th on CTV Morning Live, and again at 6 PM. For those who are interested but missed it, here’s the link to Ray’s interview and video.

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  1. Ray, you are amazing and a testament to those of us who have retired. I will be watching on August 30th on CTV at 8 a.m to join in the hype.

  2. I was Ray’s administrative assistant many years ago at RRC. He was a wonderful man to work for. Recently I ran into Ray and he does not look a day over 50😎😎.

    • Yes, a very pleasant guy indeed. I first met Ray in 2015 when he and I were volunteering at a College event. I had retired in 2013 and, as we talked, it came out that he had retired 25 years ago. “Wow, you don’t look that old. What did you do at the College?” I asked. Deadpan, he replied, “Oh, I was the president.”

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