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Andrea LeFort: Personal Safety

Heritage Group meeting of February  20, 2020. Constable Andrea LeFort is with the Winnipeg Police Service in the Community Resource Unit, Diversity and Crime Prevention Section.  Her specialty is “Active Shooters”.  She is a part time firearms instructor and deals with extreme violence and the use of weapons, […]

Curt Hull: Climate Change

Heritage Group meeting of January 16, 2020. Curt Hull is the Project Director at Climate Change Connections (, where he has worked for 13 years. He holds a BSc. in Electrical Engineering, a BSc. in Zoology, and a Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education. Curt is an avid practitioner and advocate of […]

Angela Chotka: Rising Hope Bakery

Heritage Group meeting of October 17, 2019. Angela Chotka is a Program Manager in RRC’s School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts. We thank her for agreeing to fill in at the last minute for today’s originally scheduled speaker, Rebecca Chartrand, who was unable to attend. Angela started at RRC […]

Photo of Gimili Glider (by Ted McGrath).

Barbara Gluck: The Gimli Glider

Heritage Group meeting of April 18, 2019. After Barbara Gluck retired and moved to Sandy Hook in 2004, she joined the respected Gimli Art Club. As the Chairperson overseeing the Gimli Seawall Gallery, she noticed that many visitors asked where they might find the ‘Gimli Glider’ Museum, only to […]

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