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I remember (part 2)

A Pay Phone and a Finger  In 1954 Toronto, I was a sixteen year old beginning Grade XIII, way too  young and socially younger. Nevertheless I did graduate the following June and  began earning my way as an assistant shipper in a sound equipment warehouse.  Frequently we unloaded […]

I Remember (part 1)

Salt Encrusted Windscreen You know, it’s hard to write interesting and current stories when you are closer to 90 than to 80. My wife Beverley and I are, as we like to say, “managing” when asked “how are you?” My name is Bob Barr and I spent 31 […]

The End of the Long Dash

All good things… It seems like only yesterday that I posted The Beginning of the Long Dash. Sadly, after the more than 80 years of National Research Council beeps and tones, today’s 1 p.m. ET. long dash marked CBC’s last. Fortunately, we’re still here. And that original call […]

A Check off my “Bike-it” List

Since moving to Lake of the Woods after retiring in July 2007, I have contemplated a challenging bike ride around the entire lake. As I got older, I realized that the “window of opportunity” was getting smaller and that if I was to get this off my bucket list, it would need to be done sooner rather than later. More…

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