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The End of the Long Dash

All good things… It seems like only yesterday that I posted The Beginning of the Long Dash. Sadly, after the more than 80 years of National Research Council beeps and tones, today’s 1 p.m. ET. long dash marked CBC’s last. Fortunately, we’re still here. And that original call […]

A bittersweet celebration

I count myself privileged to have been invited, along with about a dozen other RRC veterans, to Nancy and Paul Wheatley’s bittersweet 50th wedding anniversary celebration. Held yesterday evening at the Leaf in Assiniboine Park, “moving” only begins to express its effect on the assembled family and friends.

Third Dave Down Under

Guy Dugas (our HG editor) had been sharing bits about his April trip to Australia with me a few weeks ago. That prompted me to go back to a journal I’d kept of my own stay there in 1997. We emailed back and forth (he being in Vancouver, […]

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