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RRC Polytech Glossary

A review of the RRC Polytech Glossary (an official list of terms and language used at RRC) occurs semi-annually in April and October. Now, our readers may remember that the HG cancelled its subscription in protest last year, after every single one of its submissions to the glossary […]

I’m positive…

Page A4 of today’s E-Edition of the Winnipeg Free Press featured the HG’s own Mary McIntosh. First the good news: Mary has fully recovered from COVID-19. In fact, her relatively painless road to a safe recovery is what inspired her to speak about her experience. In the face […]

Nursing a grudge (UPDATED)

Can this be true? Has the team calling itself C517 Group A really captured the team title in RRC’s 2021 Commuter Challenge? It was announced today that its members claim to have ridden an average of 555.6 km each during the seven-day event! Yeah, right…

Sign up for the Commuter Challenge

The Commuter Challenge will run from May 30 to June 5 and RRC is participating once again! And this year, the Sustainability Office says that Heritage Group members (that’s us!) can participate This year the challenge is about more than just sustainable commutes, it is a celebration of […]

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