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The Exotic Far East

Japan’s culture and customs have been an interest of mine for some time. With the relative threat reduction from the Covid pandemic, my wife and I decided we’d take a 14-day cruise of Japan, which included two stops in Okinawa and two stops in Taiwan.  Our first mistake […]

Gina & Rudy to be honoured

The Jewish National Fund of Canada (, an organization that has cared for the land of Israel for more than 120 years, is to honour Gina and Pastor Rudy Fidel at the 2023 Negev Dinner. They would be thrilled to have you there to celebrate with them. When: […]

2022 in review

Throughout 2022, your intrepid team of Heritage Group reporters and investigative journalists have sought out the best in retiree goings-on. We have listed, in decreasing order of popularity, our top ten most read posts/pages this past year – aside from RRC Staff News (which, for some unknown reason, is no longer public),

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