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National Napping Day!

According to, this day aims to encourage everyone to catch up on their sleep. It recommends napping as a quick yet efficient way to increase energy and awareness. Created in 1999 —a little late for Julius Caesar, considering today is also the Ides of March— by Boston […]

WEBUCATION: Beyond Zoom Zoom

So I was sharing last week what a godsent Zoom (or your digi-communication-tool of choice) is for us to stay connected. Then today I read this great article in the Observer (online, of course) on how polymaths will inherit the earth (especially if they’re meek). Reading about all […]

Are you eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine?

Sign up and be notified when you become eligible, and where to get the vaccine. The Manitoba government has prioritized vaccine eligibility so that those most at risk get it first. They are updating the eligibility and timelines so often, it can be hard to keep up. Physicians […]

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