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Second past the post. Brilliant!

An exciting new electoral reform proposal called Second-Past-the-Post (SPTP) was introduced today. FVBC President Antony Hodgson said, “Many Canadians are deeply concerned that the way we vote now ignores the voices of half the voters and prevents their concerns from being represented in Parliament.  They got seriously pissed off when Justin Trudeau promised over 1800 times in the runup to the 2015 election to fix things and then said “Oops – just kidding – my bad”…

RRC Polytech Glossary

A review of the RRC Polytech Glossary (an official list of terms and language used at RRC) occurs semi-annually in April and October. Now, our readers may remember that the HG cancelled its subscription in protest last year, after every single one of its submissions to the glossary […]

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