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Third Dave Down Under

Guy Dugas (our HG editor) had been sharing bits about his April trip to Australia with me a few weeks ago. That prompted me to go back to a journal I’d kept of my own stay there in 1997. We emailed back and forth (he being in Vancouver, […]

The Exotic Far East

Japan’s culture and customs have been an interest of mine for some time. With the relative threat reduction from the COVID pandemic, my wife and I decided we’d take a 14-day cruise of Japan, which included two stops in Okinawa and two stops in Taiwan. Read more…

My Crypt Lake Adventure

I’ve been travelling a lot this past summer and I thought it might be fun to share an adventure or two every now and then. My most recent included a road trip to Alberta with my friend Barb to meet up with my son Scott and his girlfriend Bonnie. Our intent was to hike the most picturesque Wilcox Pass, a 11.4 km trek with an elevation gain of 550 meters. Click to read more…

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