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Thank you for your help

The Heritage Group occasionally receives notes of thanks from its student awards recipients. It is heartwarming to read how our HG Endowment Fund is inspiring Red River College students and helping them to achieve their goals. Read the latest note from those listed below to see how your […]

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HG Award Fund Nudges $115,000!

2016 was a milestone year for our Heritage Group Award Fund when it topped $100,000. Now, as of April 2018, we are at $114,908. Quite an achievement when you consider that the fund was sitting at only $67,591 in 2011. Clearly we were smart to replace our $10/year membership […]

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Meeting Minutes: January 19, 2017

HERITAGE GROUP MEETING DATE: Thursday January 19, 2017 TIME: 10 a.m. PLACE: Boardroom A137 Attendance: Leslie Walsh (Chair), Mary Hayes (Secretary), Dorothy Derksen, Karen Wall, Don Carlson, Sherry Ripak, Steve Lipischak, Lorie Siebrand, Rose Marie Hess, Mary McIntosh, Rose-Marie Floch, Cynthia Zelenewich, Betty McInerney, Allison Cowell, Cliff Burton, […]

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