A Celebration of (Retired) Life

Judging by our most recent string of obituaries, our blog is in danger of succumbing to one of COVID-19’s most devastating side-effects: social distancing. Yes, unless we can find a remedy, I fear we may lose readers to more uplifting Websites like

Not uncommon to obituaries is an invitation to a “celebration of life”. Well, let me invite you to submit pieces to our blog that celebrate HG members who are still alive and kicking. Why don’t you, yes YOU, email something uplifting about yourself to HG-Editor@RRC.CA. If you feel your life is just too boring, then send me something interesting about another retiree (with their permission, of course), or simply something that lifts your spirits.

I will kick things off with an exciting photo of me contemplating life before COVID.

Now, isn’t that uplifting?

Then send me something that is… please!

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