Are we “elder elites”?

You La-Z-Boy elder elites

So, yesterday Pierre Poilievre ranted (again) against the carbon tax. Day before, it was the interim ethics commissioner. Before that, Trudeau’s “woke” censors at the CRTC, Trudeau supporting fascist dictators, yada, yada, yada…

But while Poilievre remains puzzlingly mum on the Liberal’s biggest budget item, did you hear him slam the “sanctimonious socialist snow-birds” who keep the Liberal/NDP “cabal” in power (this in response to a one-time 10% increase in Old Age Security funding)? If you didn’t, I’m not surprised. No major news outlet has jumped on it, which is equally baffling.

“So while Justin Trudeau and his Liberal/NDP socialist budget slips working-class Canadian renters a paltry $500, they swell OAS funding by 10%. Do the math. 10% of 60 billion is some $900/senior – almost double what’s going to renters. Why? Maybe because 73% of the snow-bird condo set votes Liberal/NDP? The same La-Z-Boy elder elites responsible for our environmental crisis and out-of-control inflation. I say, ‘Cut them off without a penny! Why reward them for the mess they left us? Dump OAS and CPP! Invest in the future, not the past!'”

I can’t believe that a potential future Prime Minister who threatens to dismantle OAS and CPP would not get called out by any news media. I’m so angry, I could spit!

Actually, I did.

If you are as outraged as I am by such an attack on one of our core social programs, then please get out of your La-Z-Boy and take the time to add your name to this petition to the House of Commons and Senate.

And make sure you vote next election day.

(I just dawned on me that the party winning the most seats in an election forms the government, and the one with the next most becomes the Official Opposition. So the Liberals are #1, and the Conservatives #2. How appropriate that PP is the head of the #2 party!)

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