An embarrassment of riches

Our Celebration of (Retired) Life blog series has suffered a serious drought over the last few months. Global warming?

In hopes of relief, your editor reached out to four of our previous contributors with a gentle Oliverian appeal: “Please sir (or madam), I want some more.”

Shazam! Within 24 hours, all four had responded, including Gail Shimonek with her terrific and just recently posted Puerto Vallarta: Destination of Contrasts.

What can I say but thank you all!

I will be gradually releasing the other submissions in the order received, so check in often.

And remember, we welcome any uplifting, funny, inspiring, or otherwise simply interesting story, profile, or bit of whimsy in our Celebration of (Retired) Life blog. To share something with our other retirees, simply email your 300- to 2,400-word piece to HG-Editor@RRC.CA.

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