RRC Polytech Glossary

A review of the RRC Polytech Glossary (an official list of terms and language used at RRC) occurs semi-annually in April and October.

Now, our readers may remember that the HG cancelled its subscription in protest last year, after every single one of its submissions to the glossary had been rejected.

But your intrepid HG wordsmiths do not give up or surrender easily. Spurred on by’s March 29th update of some 200 new words and definitions, our modest list reflects the HG’s mission to help retirees make sense of the world through words. In the spirit of that old philosopher (whose name I can’t remember), “We may be old, but we’re not young.”

  • Auntievaxxer [ an-tee-vak-ser ]: mother’s sister who is vocally opposed to vaccines
  • Benchioner [ ben-shuh-ner ]: a retired judge
  • Booster shot: [ boo-ster shot]: hypodermic injection of a popular nutritional supplement for over-55s
  • Climbit emergency [ klahy mit i-mur juhn se ]: a full bladder when the nearest toilet is at the top of a long flight of stairs (sometimes called a climbit crisis)
  • Latriarch [ ley-tree-ahrk ]: head of a family or tribal line who has passed on
  • Metaverse [ met uh-vurs ]: a poem or piece of poetry about psyllium fiber (see below )
  • Retire [ ri-tahyuhr ]: fix a flat
  • Scenility [ see-nil-i-tee ]: the state of being a scenior
  • Scenior [ seen-yer ]: someone over 65 who is prone to embarrassing outbreaks or creating a scene in public

RRC Polytech Glossary update submissions were required by April 15. But you can still share your suggestions for additions, deletions or updates for next time.

On Fiber

A bunged up retiree named Bill
Told his wife he was feeling quite ill.
“Constipation’s pure tedium!”
She said, “Don’t be psyllium;
Just take a swig of Metamucil.”

Buster Laroux

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