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In August 2017, the Washington Post shared the touching story of Ayan Abdi, one of the relatively few lucky students to be accepted that year to the Student Refugee Program (SRP) by the World University Service of Canada (WUSC). One year earlier, Ayan had been one of 5,000 hopefuls to take its two-hour qualifying exam in Kenya’s Dadaab refu­gee camp, the largest in the world. Sixteen of those students would be offered not just a college education, but a new life, with the Canadian government providing them with citizenship and a chance to sponsor their families. Now, in 2018, not only is RRC a proud SRP participant, we are honoured to be able to welcome Ayan to our campus.

Hers is already an amazing story. But it is an unfolding narrative to which any one of us can contribute mightily. On campuses across Canada, volunteers are the heart and soul of WUSC and the Student Refugee Program. We can help WUSC accomplish its goals by becoming members of a SRP Local Committee. A Local Committee is a campus-based group of students, faculty and staff, and community advisors who share the belief in the power of education to change the world. Local Committee members contribute in a wide variety of ways, from supporting events and activities, to educating and advocating for social change and global citizenship.

Won’t you consider becoming a Local Committee member? To learn more, please visit, or contact Lauren Konrad, Student Integration Coordinator, at 204-631-3345 or

You too can help change the world.

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