HG Award Fund Nudges $115,000!

2016 was a milestone year for our Heritage Group Award Fund when it topped $100,000. Now, as of April 2018, we are at $114,908. Quite an achievement when you consider that the fund was sitting at only $67,591 in 2011. Clearly we were smart to replace our $10/year membership fee with a voluntary donation to the award fund. In seven short years the fund has grown by $47,317, or 70%. And we achieved that after $28,000 in awards to 33 RRC students since 2013 (an average of $5,600/year)! Not bad. (Click here to view the 2018 Fund Report.)

Donate to Heritage Group Award image
How did we do it? By being generous. Heritage Group members have donated some $30,000 since 2011, generating over $15,000 in matching Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative (MSBI) funding (we don’t yet know how much of the $6,362 donated in 2017-18 will be matched). The endowment itself generated another $30,000 in interest. That adds up to over $75,000 in new money since 2011!

Read some student letters here to see how your donations make a difference, and consider giving today.

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