HG Glossary Suggestions

The RRC Glossary is an official list of terms and language used at Red River College. Explanations and clarifications are provided to promote consistent use and application across the College.

In response to a March 31st RRC request to “submit suggestions for additions, deletions or updates” to the glossary, your HG editorial team would like to propose a few.

RRC Glossary update submissions are required by April 15. 
Please share yours today. Our operators are standing by.

Academic Accommodation: A teacher’s house.
Artery: The study of paintings.
Articulation Agreement: Commitment to speak clearly.
Artificial Intelligence (AI): A PhD.

Bacteria: Two BAs.
Barium: What you do when instructors die.
Benign: What you be, after you be eight.

Caesarean Section: Group of exchange students from Rome.
Campus: Campground kitty.
Cat scan: Searching for kitty.
Cauterize: Made eye contact with her.
Cheating: Eating on the sly.
Cohort: Partner in hoarding.
Collusion: When college people collide.
Contact Hour: When the collusion occurred.
Convocation: Calling that gets you in jail.
Course Outline: Obscene sketch.

Digital Badge: Finger tattoo.
Digital Literacy: Ability to read Braille.
Dilate: To live long.
Distance Education: Map-reading training.

Enema: Colleague you hate.
Experiential Learning: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
Expulsion: When something turns inside out, then explodes (e.g. a pig lizard)

Fair Dealing: Selling drugs at the EX.
Fester: Quicker than someone else.
Fibula: Small lie.
Formal Learning: Wearing a tuxedo or gown to school.

Impotent: Significant, prominent.
Informal Learning: Wearing jeans to school.
Instructional Staff: Common instructor infection.

Joint Delivery Program: Euphemism for “high”er education.
Journeyperson: Someone taking a trip.
Journeyperson Certification: A passport.

Lab: Kind of dog.
Labour Pain: Getting hurt at work.

Micro-Lab: Very small dog.
Morbid: Higher offer.

Nitrates: Union scale for evening class delivery (normally higher than day rates).
Node: Knew it.

Parchment:  Extreme thirstiness.
Pelvis: Second cousin to Elvis.
Persister: According to a female sibling.
Plagiarism: Fooling around.
Post Operative: Letter carrier.
Practicum: Almost rectum.
Probation: Poking inside.

Recovery Room: Place to do upholstery.
Rectum: Damn near killed him.

Sabotage: Wearing shoes.
Secretion: Hiding something.
Seizure: Roman Emperor.
Synchronous Delivery: Twins.

Tablet: Small table.
Terminal Illness: Getting sick at your computer.
Tumor: One plus one more.

Urine: You’re hired.

Virtual Reality (VR): 7th floor, Building C.

Webinar: Delivery method pioneered by Ken Webb.

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