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You may have read our original April 5th post , HG Glossary Suggestions, responding to a March 31st RRC News request for RRC Glossary submissions. The deadline has passed. Being at a loss to explain why not a single one of our terms made the list, we have cancelled our subscription.

But wait! Your HG wordsmiths have since serendipitously stumbled upon a significantly more sophisticated site: the Word Play Masters Invitational (a website spawned in 2010 by that ancient urban legend, the MENSA Invitational). Below is a sample of their neologisms (slightly edited, for the fun of it).

Bozone: substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating

Dopeler effect: how stupid ideas seem smarter when they come at you rapidly (like a train)

Epathy: understanding how someone feels but not caring
Epoophany: a moment of sudden clarity after some time on the toilet
Ergotica: thereforeplay

Financé: someone you are marrying for money
Fournication: melange a quatre
Foxymoron: a smart blonde

Gagnostic: person who is uncertain about the existence of jokes
Glibido: all talk and no action. 

Halucynation: thinking you see Lucille Ball
Hetour: unnecessarily long and meandering route taken by a male driver after refusing to ask for directions
Hexting: casting a spell via SMS messaging
Hipatitis: terminal coolness.

Karmarang: bad luck that comes back again and again
Karmageddon: It’s like, when everybody is sending off all these really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the Earth explodes and it’s like, a serious bummer. 

Lexicon: a shady purveyor of used Lexus automobiles
Lossary: list of words that did not make it into the glossary (like this one)
Luxurinate: to go tee tee in a really nice restroom

Osteopornosis: a degenerate disease

Predundant: on the cusp of repeating yourself

Stinkle: what you do after eating asparagus

Tattool: that nincompoop covered in tattoos
Testickles: butterflies in the stomach before an exam
Tumbling: a bellybutton ring

Whyf: a female lifetime partner in a continuing marital relationship that questions everything

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  1. We should hold a contest and have HG Members submit their own neologisms. Could be fun. Just reply to this post if you have a witty weply (when someone replies on behalf of two or more). Could be fun.

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