HG Meeting Minutes: April 20, 2023

DATE: Thursday, April 20, 2023
TIME: 10 a.m.
PLACE: A137, Notre Dame Campus

ATTENDANCE: Leslie Walsh, Acting Chair/Secretary; Mary Hayes, Dorothy Derksen, Dale Watts, Karen Wall, Michael Joyal, Don and Susan Carlson, Elaine Primeau, Patrick McDonnell, Ray Newman, Cynthia Zelenewich, Gina and Rudy Fidel.

The Acting Chair welcomed everyone. Nancy is still away. Liz Omeniuk wasn’t able to make the meeting. We look forward to having Nancy and Liz back at the next meeting.

  1. ADOPTION OF AGENDA: (Patrick and Dale)
  2. ADOPTION OF MINUTES :(Patrick and Karen)
    • Nominating: Dorothy reported that there were very few volunteers for positions, and none for CoChair/Vice Chair. She asked for suggestions. Dale suggested John Reimers and Don Wiebe. Dorothy will follow up.
    • Social Committee: Karen reported on our next social outing on May 18 th . We are having a guided tour of the Aviation Museum at 1 p.m. it is $17 per person and the facility wants only one bill. Karen asked that people bring cash only so that she can pay the bill. It was decided that lunch would be at the Olive Garden on Portage Ave. Karen will provide more information later.

      Karen also followed up on a suggestion by Don Wiebe about a day tour of Lake of the Woods. Apparently they are not doing these anymore. She found out there are tours of Winnipeg that originate at the Forks with different themes. She will check to see if any of these would be feasible for a group outing.
    • Awards: Mary reported that they had $5000 to distribute to students, 5 awards were given. The successful applicants were Jobelle Macaraeg: Med Radiologic Tech, Drew Gautier: Nursing, James Braun Smith: Automotive Tech, Graham Fidler: Electrical Engineering Tech and Jonathan Spurling: Business Info Tech.

      Dale suggested that pictures of the students be taken and put on the blog. Michael has someone in his department that can do this.
    • Election of New Officers: Dorothy stated there were no nominations or volunteers for the Vice Chair Position. Liz will continue as Co-Chair for now. Cynthia Zelenewich has volunteered to be Secretary and Janice Lowry will substitute as needed. Dale Watts and Diane Clare have volunteered to be on the Awards Committee. Mary has done this for 15 years.
    • Nominating committee has been Steve Lipischak and Dorothy. Steve will not be on the committee this year. Dale has volunteered.
  6. Member News
    • Patrick reported that Bill Palmer has died. The info will be sent to Guy for the blog and newsletter.
    • Leslie reported that Coleen Vieville and her husband Dennis Sworyk were featured in the newspaper on October 8, 2022 in the Manitoba Foodie’s Guide to Delicious Dishes as owners of an M & M Food Market.
    • Gina and Rudy Fidel spoke on Emunah and their travels in Israel. Emunah is a live in social services school for children in Israel. Gina, Rudy and their church Faith Temple have been supporters of Emunah.

      For full details of their presentation, check out the blog. Gina and Rudy will also be doing a presentation in October of their personal journey.
  8. ADJOURNMENT: 12:00 p.m. Ray Newman

Leslie Walsh (Acting Secretary)

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