Meeting Minutes

HG Meeting Minutes: January 19, 2023

DATE: Thursday, January 19, 2023.
TIME: 10 a.m.
PLACE: Prairie Lights

ATTENDANCE:   Wall, Gina Fidel, Rudy Fidel, Lorie Siebrand, Rose Marie Hess, Mary Hayes, Cynthia Zelenewich, Dorothy Derkson, Elaine Primeau, Janice Lowry, Art Lowry, Bob Watson, Eileen Oleski, Darlene Fardy, John Reimers, Don Wiebe, Dale Watts, Glenn Baldwin, Gordon McBean, Don Carlson, Nancy Wheatley, Leslie Walsh, Liz Omeniuk.


Nancy welcomed everyone. Leslie passed the gavel over to Nancy. Nancy had all the attendees introduce themselves and say what area they retired from.

  1. ADOPTION OF AGENDA: approved
  2. ADOPTION OF MINUTES: moved; John seconded the adoption of the minutes October 20, 2022.
  3. USINESS ARISING from the previous meeting:
    We need a Secretary. Please someone step up for this position.
    • Financial: our annual fundraising was less than $5000. It was suggested that we send out reminders of the scholarship funds. $145,000.00 in the account. There are more people asking for zoom from the membership. Our membership is approximately 600.
    • Please be aware of a scam, refer to blog for details.
    • Social: The March outing is being finalized and will be confirmed at the February meeting
    • Additional speaker ideas were submitted. See end of minutes.
    • Gerry passed around a newsletter about missing Christine Seaward
    • As of January 22nd, a new blog look
    • Karen shared about a CBC online news article about Ann Calahan: worked in ACCESS program.
    • It was noted that hand sanitizers are becoming scarce in store entrances and we should ask the stores to put in place.
    • Gord Mc Bean mentions that Bernie Gross’s funeral service was this Sunday
  6. Social Break
  7. Alzheimer Presentation by Emily Kinnard (presentation on blog)
  8. Adjournment.

Speaker Ideas

Air Ship: Barry Prentice, U of MHow to use ZoomMovie Industry in Winnipeg
How to cook for two Arthritis Society: aids, resourcesHearing Issues/ Innovations
Footcare: resources, etc. Mb Hydro building tour Funeral Planning
Computer upgrading & purchase Financial Investing while retired

Other activities: New Leaf and the new Indigenous/ Inuit museum

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