HG meeting minutes: September 15, 2022

DATE: Thursday, September 15, 2022
TIME: 10 a.m.
PLACE: Prairie Lights

ATTENDANCE:   Leslie Walsh, Chair; Mary Hayes, Secretary; Rose Marie Hess, Dorothy Derksen, Ray Newman, Gail Shimonek, Elaine Primeau, Karen Wall, Dudley Hill, Bob Barr, Shelley Tallin, Mary McIntosh, Will Miller, Pat McDonnell, Don Carlson, Nancy Wheatley, Pat Daley, Elena Grinshteyn, Michael Joyal.


The Chair welcomed everyone and thanked them for their participation in the Heritage Group. This is her last meeting as the Chair.

Rose introduced the speaker Dr. Eva Pip, BSc (Hons), PhD. Dr. Pip did a presentation on Lake Winnipeg’s high phosphorus and nitrogen levels, the sources and ways to reduce the damage related to phosphorus and nitrogen


Leslie added Blog Postings under New Business. Approved: Patrick and Nancy


Amended to remove the word “amount” under Social Committee, 3rd line. Approved Dorothy and Gail.


Election of Officers: Dorothy suggested that a survey to solicit people to run for positions went out too late and she had not received any responses. She encouraged members to volunteer.

Nancy Wheatley and Elizabeth Omeniuk have agreed to Co-Chair. All were in favour.

Karen Wall will remain as Chair of the Social Committee. All were in favour.

More elections will be held once the survey has been returned to Dorothy. A new secretary is needed. Mary has done the minutes for 17 years. Leslie will do the minutes until a new secretary has volunteered. Many thanks to Mary for her years of minute taking and attending meetings.

Discussion followed on how to get more retirees involved with the HG. Dorothy stated that the Chair used to go to the retirement meetings and speak about the group. Leslie has done this in the past but since COVID, there has been no invitation to do so. Michael will find out if any sessions are being planned. This will be re-instituted.

Suggested that for the fall fundraising campaign that members are given a few names off the HG retirees list and that they contact them personally.

It was also suggested that a profile be done on one of the Award recipients with a testimonial so that retirees can see how the HG continues to assist students. Hopefully we can get more retirees involved with the HG. Discussion followed.

Speakers: Leslie reviewed the speaker list. She will organize the Alzheimer’s presentation for January 19, 2023. Suggestions for speakers were made. Rose suggested Joe McIntosh who is a retiree, he has written his 2nd book. Previous suggestions were: John Einarson on the history of music in Manitoba (Gail), Manitoba Theatre Centre (Michael), the Ukrainian/Russian war (Dale).

Leslie stated that when group members have a suggestion for a speaker, that the person who has suggested the speaker contact the speaker and organize the presentation for the group. All agreed


Nominating Committee : formal report as this was covered under business arising with the elections. Discussion on whether the constitution should be changed to reflect Vice Chair/Co-Chair and to add the Nominating and Social Committee. No decision was made at this time.

Financial Report: and Michael reported. There will be $4500 to give away this year to students. The College is reviewing the Endowment funds. The finances will be presented in a different format.

Social Committee: Karen reported that the social committee will begin work on the November Holiday Luncheon. She suggested a number of venues and it was decided that we would go to Maximes again this year.

The March outing will be a tour of the new building at the Princess St. campus with lunch at Jane’s after.

Suggestions for the May outing were: the Aviation Museum at the Winnipeg airport or the Gimli Glider Museum..

Awards: Nothing to report right now. Mary will continue.


Blog Postings: Leslie asked the members about what should and shouldn’t be posted on the blog as far as member news, eg. death of a family member. It was decided that it didn’t have to be an immediate family member’s death as long as the HG member either requested that it be posted or was asked if something could be posted.

Will stated that the electrical technology group gets together and has a newsletter. He will check out getting that posted to the blog. This also might get more people being involved with the HG.

Guy was praised for his dedication to the blog and his creative talents. Thanks again Guy for all you do for the HG.  

Member News: Leslie reported that Ray has been highlighted on CTV for hockey. See the blog for further details.

Rose reported that Lori Siebrand’s husband died recently. Leslie will send a sympathy card from the group.

Others: Discussion about the room that we meet in. Michael will see if we can keep the Prairie Lights for our meetings.

A suggestion was made to have ZOOM at all our meetings for those who live out of town and for those that can’t make it to the meetings. Michael reported that is unfeasible.

Leslie thanked Nancy and Liz for agreeing to serve as Co-Chairs and to Dorothy for all her work on the Nominating Committee.


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