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Following our Zoom session this morning (and the kudos to Will Miller for his article on Mexico), your editor thought it might be interesting to check the blog stats to see just what else HG members are reading.

Clearly, we continue to be quite interested in what is going on at the college, because the most popular page by far is the daily RRC Staff News. The next most read pages are our Passages and Newsletters.

When it comes to the most popular post so far for 2021, the #1 spot is held by A Perfect Post-RRC Career for a Chronic Numismatist & Unrepentant Bibliophile, submitted by Howard R. Engel on January 12th.

Top 10 HG Posts (in decreasing order of popularity)

  1. A Perfect Post-RRC Career for a Chronic Numismatist & Unrepentant Bibliophile by Howard R. Engel
  2. La même chose by Editor
  3. Travel to Mexico by Will Miller
  4. Ravelling in Burgundy by Guy Dugas
  5. Oranges please! by Editor
  6. I may be chunky, but… by Editor
  7. A Pub Supper by Ron Blicq
  8. The Tunnel by Bob Barr
  9. May Day! May Day! by Editor
  10. People’s Changing Lives by Guy Dugas

Naturally, we naturally encourage you to read some of the above, if you haven’t already. But we would also like to receive some of your contributions.

Many of the above were submissions to our Celebration of (Retired) Life series. So, send us your uplifting, funny, inspiring, or otherwise simply interesting story, profile, or bit of whimsy. Simply email your 500- to 1,000-word piece to HG-Editor@RRC.CA.

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