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Page A4 of the Winnipeg Free Press’s February 16 E-Edition

Page A4 of today’s E-Edition of the Winnipeg Free Press featured the HG’s own Mary McIntosh.

First the good news: Mary has fully recovered from COVID-19.

In fact, her relatively painless road to a safe recovery is what inspired her to speak about her experience. In the face of “a lot of negativity”, whether about the current state of our healthcare system, the science, or Health Canada, she hoped her story would encourage others to seek out the treatment they need.

The COVID drug referred to in Malak Abas’s article is Paxlovid. And Mary was one of the first Manitobans to receive it as part of what the province calls a “test and treat” strategy. Because she suffers from an autoimmune disease that makes her more susceptible to having a severe response to COVID-19, she was accepted as one of 83 Manitobans to first receive the treatment. The Free Press article chronicles both the process she followed after testing positive for COVID, and her ultimately positive experience.

“I’ve trusted the science, I’ve trusted the decisions on the vaccine. I trust Health Canada, who made the approval”

Monoclonal antibodies and antiviral treatment are available by referral at a number of locations throughout the province. Those who feel ill should contact their health provider, or call Health Links/Info Santé .

“My experience with contracting COVID was a good one — if you can say getting a potentially deadly virus is a good thing.”

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