John Wiebe

We are sad to report the passing of John Wiebe on April 29th, 2021, at the age of 79. John is believed to have retired some 27 years ago from RRCC, where he had worked in the back of the library in audio visual.

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  1. John was one of the first people I met when I started my job at the RRC library. He definitely travelled to the beat of his own drum and had a wonderful sense of humour. Always enjoyed talking to him and listening to his latest “hobby stories”. . At that time in the 1980s he was building a canoe which made for some great stories and a few laughs as well. I knew he had taken up bee keeping but was not aware of his new hobbies. Great to share the memories

  2. Thank you for this Larry. I do remember John. It is so nice to know who he was outside of the college. Keep well.
    Liz Omeniuk

  3. Only a few of us old-timers will remember John Wiebe roaming the halls of RRCC.

    I’m guessing when I say he retired about 27 years ago. John worked in the back of the library in audio visual. He retired at 55 and took up bee keeping. John kept some of his bees at my place near Stonewall. We had many back-yard visits and would have breakfasts in Selkirk 3 or 4 times a year. Bob Circolo (another RRC retiree/now deceased) would join us on occasion.

    John gave up bee keeping around 2009 to take care of his wife who passed away shortly afterward.

    After bee keeping John took up raising a wide range birds and had quite a collection. He had bantams, ginney foul, wild turkey, tooloose geese, quail, and many other species. Occasionally John would send a couple dozen quail eggs home with me. He converted his honey house to incubate eggs. John loved to comb the country-side looking for chicks and fertile eggs to expand his operation.

    John and Hellen met during John’s many quests to southern Manitoba to find chicks and he eventually moved her to East Selkirk to live with him.

    Good bye my friend.
    Till we meet again.

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