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Bruce Wood and Lisa Raitt at their home in Moffat, Ont.  (Samira Mohyeddin/CBC)

It’s a beautiful sunny morning here in Vancouver, made even brighter for me by this inspiring testament to strength in the face of adversity. A scary thing at any age, Alzheimer’s is perhaps more top of mind for those in our stage of life. I encourage you to follow the link below and listen to this interview with Lisa Raitt on CBC’s The Current.

Lisa Raitt on taking care of her husband as he struggles with young-onset Alzheimer’s | CBC Radio

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  1. I heard Lisa Raitt this a.m. on CBC. What an amazing woman and heartbreaking story. I think many of our members who are caring for family with Alzheimers can certainly relate. It sure opened my eyes to the incredibly hard job it is to be an at home caregiver.

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