MARGE Eligibility

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The Manitoba Association of Retired Government Employees (MARGE) has represented Manitoba Civil Service Superannuation plan retirees & beneficiaries since 1972, working to ensure its members receive benefit improvements from pension surpluses.

Membership in “MARGE” is open to all persons who are receiving a pension from the Manitoba Civil Service Superannuation Fund, including persons receiving a spousal pension and persons eligible to receive a deferred pension. A person is considered a member of “MARGE” when they have paid their annual membership fee, of which the dollar amount is set out in its By-Laws.


Health/Dental/Travel/Trip Cancellation Insurance

  • MARGE members are illegible for various benefits (e.g. discounted City of Winnipeg Fitness Passes and Health/Dental/Travel/Trip Cancellation Insurance).
  • MARGE hosts luncheons and meetings throughout the year with invited guest speakers from organizations such as Manitoba Blue Cross and the CSSB to speak on topics of interest.
  • MARGE arranges social outings such as coach trips and river cruises to help members enjoy their retirement and meet other MARGE retirees.

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