Meeting Minutes: April 21, 2016


John Graeb, (Chair), Mary Hayes (Secretary), Dorothy Derksen, Bob Vinet, Guy Dugas, Don Carlson, Dale Watts, Lynne Graeb, Sherry Ripak, Rose-Marie Floch, Lucien Lussier, Steve Lipischak, Ron Blicq, Lloyd Simonson, Ralph Caldwell, Don Kennedy, Kae Elrick, Andy Winchap, Lorie Siebrand, Karen Macauley, Leslie Walsh, Gail Shimonek, Karen Wall, Allison Cowell, Lucien Lussier, Bill Sutherland, John Reimers, Louis Rodkin, Ed Zuke, Dan Morose, Liz Omeniuk, John deKluyver, Gordon McBean, Glenn Baldwin, Elena Grinshteyn.

Meeting attendees enjoyed coffee and socializing at 9:30.

Guest Speaker was Ray Hoemsen, Director, Applied Research & Commercialization, who provided an informative talk on current research at the College.


Chair called the meeting to order at 11:20 p.m. after the speaker and a coffee break.

ADOPTION OF AGENDA (Ron Blicq, Lloyd Smonson)


February minutes were approved (Lou Lussier, John Reimers)


Financial Report

Elena reported that the Endowment Fund is not doing as well as usual due to the economy and poor interest rates. The Endowed Fund stands at $94,873.12 while the non-Endowed Fund has only $31.95. So far this year, $6145.0 has been donated.

Heritage Group Awards

Mary Hayes reported that six $500 awards were given this year to students in Power, Engineering, Hospitality & Tourism, ACCESS Nursing (2), Civil Engineering, and Nursing.

Social Committee

Gail Shimonek reported that the Committee had met on April 7. A trip to the JOURNEY TO CHURCHILL EXHIBIT at the Zoo followed by Lunch at the Park Restaurant in the Qualico Family Centre has been planned. Fee is $17.50 (there is a $2 discount for attendance of 25 or more; we have reached the 25 mark already). Those planning to attend should contact Karen Wall by MONDAY, MAY 9, at 204-269-5550 or by e-mail at

Karen received applause for her arranging of the St. Patrick’s lunch at Aalto’s. The event was so popular that it may become an annual occurrence.

Karen will assume the role of Chair of the Social Committee as Gail Shimonek is stepping down.


Elections for Heritage Group Executive

John Graeb is stepping down as Chair.

The new executive is as follows:

  • Leslie Walsh, Chair
  • John Graeb, Past Chair
  • Gail Shimonek, Vice Chair
  • Guy Dugas, Newsletter Editor
  • Mary Hayes, Secretary



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