Meeting Minutes: January 19, 2017

DATE: Thursday January 19, 2017
TIME: 10 a.m.
PLACE: Boardroom A137


Leslie Walsh (Chair), Mary Hayes (Secretary), Dorothy Derksen, Karen Wall, Don Carlson, Sherry Ripak, Steve Lipischak, Lorie Siebrand, Rose Marie Hess, Mary McIntosh, Rose-Marie Floch, Cynthia Zelenewich, Betty McInerney, Allison Cowell, Cliff Burton, John Reimers, Jack Kaplan, Gary Klepatz, Bryan Crandall, Jerry Johnstone, Gordon Mackie, Arnold Kolaski, Lucien Lussier, Dan Moroz, Shirley Partap, Larry Partap, Gail Shimonek, Ed Zuke, Gordon McBean, Louis Rodkin, ess, Sandy Stayner, Elena Grinshteyn.

Meeting attendees enjoyed coffee and socializing at 9:30.

Guest Speaker was Steven Webb, CEO, Entrust Financial Services, who gave an informative talk on “The Art of Living Your Legacy” (Wills and Estates Planning).


Chair called the meeting to order at 11:20 p.m. after the speaker and a coffee break.

ADOPTION OF AGENDA (Ed Zuke, Lucien Lussier)


October 2016 minutes were approved (Gail Shimonek, Lucien Lussier)


Financial Report

Elena reported that the Endowment Fund stands at $104,000 as of December 2016 and the non-Endowed at $6,543. The group decided that $5,000 be allotted for the Heritage Group Awards. Elena will advise us as to whether the new Government will match dollar for dollar.

Social Committee

Karen Wall reported that the feedback on the Christmas Luncheon was positive. President Paul Vogt was quite impressed with the event and our group.

A St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon is planned for March 16 at Riverwood Square, 1778 Pembina Hwy. The menu will be Irish themed and will include beer and wine. There is ample parking. Tours of the facility will be available for those interested. Door prizes have been arranged. Cost is $15 with proceeds going to the Heritage Group Bursary. See the newsletter for more details and a map.

Fort Whyte Alive is being considered for the Wind-Up on May 18/17. An interpreter will be available to present information about the past, present, and future of this urban nature oasis; pioneer settlers; and interactive urban farming.

Lunch will cost approximately $12 to $15 per person.


Heritage Group Blog ( Guy Dugas continues to do the Heritage Group Blog and the newsletter. He needs articles and information. Anyone with a good story or information that would interest members is encouraged to contact Elena at

John Reimer was recognized for his contributions to the Group’s social functions and received a gift from Steve Lipischak, who works wonders with glass.

ADJOURNMENT (Betty McInerney)


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