Meeting Minutes: September 15, 2016


Leslie Walsh (Chair), Mary Hayes (Secretary), Dorothy Derksen, Bob Vinet, Don Carlson, John Graeb, Lynne Graeb, Sherry Ripak, Sandy Stayner, Rose-Marie Floch, Steve Lipischak, , Ron Blicq, Lloyd Simonson, Don Kennedy, Lorie Siebrand, Gail Shimonek, Karen Wall, Allison Cowell, John Reimers, Ed Zuke, Liz Omeniuk, John deKluyver, Glenn Baldwin, Bob Barr, Ray Newman, Jack Kaplan, Patricia Daly, Rose Marie Hess, Pat Fraser, Mary McIntosh, Arnold Kolaski, C. Dudley Hill, Cynthia Zelenewich, ess, Sandy Stayner, Elena Grinshteyn.

Meeting attendees enjoyed coffee and socializing at 9:30.

Guest Speaker was Marlo Campbell, Communications Director, Lake Winnipeg Foundation.


Chair called the meeting to order at 11:20 p.m. after the speaker and a coffee break.

ADOPTION OF AGENDA (Liz Omeniuk, Karen Wall)


February minutes were approved (John Reimers, Sherry Ripak)


Financial Report

Elena reported that the Endowment Fund stands at $95,253 and the non-Endowed at $2,389. The Government matches donations and it was suggested that all matched donations be placed in the unrestricted fund. Those who plan to donate should consider donating before the October meeting. We hope to build up the non-Endowed Fund for awards given in February.

Since Guy Dugas can no longer serve on the Awards Committee, Dorothy Derksen volunteered.

It was suggested that an article appear in the newsletter regarding donating to the Heritage Group, in part so that people are made aware of the impact of donations on income tax.

Social Committee

Karen Wall gave a good recap of the Heritage Group Windup, which was held at the Zoo this year. Sherry Ripak has joined the Social Committee.

There appears to be a preference for a Christmas Luncheon (spouses included) to be held most likely at the College. The St. Patrick’s Day lunch will be discussed later.

Ideas for the 2017 Windup should be emailed to Karen Wall at


Ideas for speakers for Heritage Group meetings were discussed. Karen Wall suggested doing a series on refugee immigration issues so that we can gain different perspectives. Leslie has a list of suggestions for speakers on many interesting subjects but will be glad to entertain more.

Ron Blicq will be presenting his latest books at McNally Robinson, Grant Park, on Tuesday September 27 at 7 p.m. in the Atrium.

Guy Dugas continues to do the Heritage Group Blog. Please send information for the Blog to Elena at



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