Memories of Bernie

Bernie Gross passed away December 25, 2022. Gord McBean shares some of his remembrances.

Bernie was first the technic supervisor and then the manager of the TV studios. He later went on to teach in the Business Admin program. He acquired a University degree as an adult. The joke to many was his double major, Sociology and Psychology I believe. Everyone said he would never get a job with those but they are exactly what allowed him to teach both in the BA program when he got put on the redeployment list.

Another memory is that people would turn to me for a translation when Bernie got excited and his thick Glaswegian accent came out.

My last memory of him was at the Morden Corn and Apple parade where he was riding in a float as part of the Khartum Temple oriental band in full costume.


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  1. I worked with Bernie a number of times when he was in the TV studios. I always liked him as he was very accommodating and never territorial like some people were. Loved his accent.

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