My Island

I would cycle daily through Guernsey’s narrow, winding lanes bordered by grass-covered earth banks dotted with primroses, violets, pink campion, buttercups and field daffodils, which would stir in the breeze I created and lean toward me and nod as I glided past.

I would amble along rough, winding gravel paths three hundred feet above the south coast bays, my sandals swishing against nettles, dock leaves, and long grasses. Thorny tendrils would grip my wool socks and I would have to pause and with careful fingers pry them away. In late summer I would reach into the bushes and brush the leaves aside in search of bulbous, juicy blackberries, which were my favorite fruit.

Then I would scramble down steep, ragged paths to the rock-strewn beaches, mesmerized by the surging motion of the sea as, on blustery days, it crashed on the sand and outcrops of granite rocks, throwing fragmented spume high into the wind, or—on calmer days—break into shallow rollers that splashed gently onto the fine white sand. Then I would shrug off my socks and sandals, roll up my shorts and step gently out into the water until I could feel sand ridges under the soles of my feet.

I would stand silent, watching the seaweed clinging to the rocks around me sway back and forth with the movement of the sea. 

Often I would spend a whole afternoon alone, intuitively aware that I would be unable to savour the experience, to reflect on it, if accompanied by boys my own age. They would be intent on clambering noisily up the cliffs in search of gulls’ eggs or crashing through the shallow waters to chase sideways-scuttling crabs.

Although not intentionally a “loner,” I treasured moments on my own with the sea and the elements that abound within it.

I lived on the Island of Guernsey for the first fifteen years of my life. My memories of those years are particularly poignant.

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  1. Ron, What a beautiful memory. I could picture what you experienced and could feel the sand ridges under my feet. Thanks for this moment of solitude.

  2. I would love to wander Guernsey! I was fortunate to spend a few days on Jersey in 1977. We actually saw the Jersey parade of flowers, with floats that used flowers from all over the world. It was spectacular! Better than the Rose bowl! I will try and find my slides from that day. It might have to wait as I have a very sick dog right now but eventually. Thanks for this Ron. Liz Omeniuk

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